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Lex Macula is registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. This is an initiative by students of several premier law colleges coming together to bring a change in the prevailing competitions for the students of the field.

We work across educational institutions to spread legal awareness and provide a platform to the students to develop their public speaking skills and also expand their knowledge in the field of law.

Lex Macula stands on the objectives of moulding the system in a way which favours the students and helps them develop their capabilities at an initial stage.

Secondly, we focus on how the law aspirants and legal professionals can bring a change in the life of ordinary citizens by making them aware about the rights they have and the laws which exist, in order to prevent them from getting exploited.

The origin of the name “Lex Macula” comes from the Latin language which is deeply rooted in our legal system through maxims, principles and doctrines. Lex Macula essentially meaning “the law’s corner” focuses on the capacity development of young law students so that access to justice can be made meaningful to the public at large.

We at Lex Macula, aim to build an environment in which every individual is aware of his or her legal rights and responsibilities and seek to provide an edge to the law students to practically experience the situations at the ground level. Moreover, our focus is on providing them with adequate knowledge and confidence to raise the issues of utmost concern to the society and to enable them to tackle the said concerns through correct legal procedures.

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