Common Ground. Uncommon Vision.

We're Lex Macula

We specialize in organizing virtual as well as live simulation of moot courts, debates, seminars and other legal competitions for a much better learning experience than what is  offered to the law students.

Driven by a sense of excellence and talent in the young minds, we offer a variety of mediums which can help students to achieve perfectionism in every domain of the legal field.

Our Vision

Lex Macula is based around equality of opportunity in the field of law. By creating a community of law students, we hope to provide all students an equal shot at growing and learning. Every person is a manifestation of their past experiences, upbringing and the socio-economic backgrounds and we at Lex Macula want to transcend such barriers. For too long has the field marred with unfair patronage, nepotism, and such, its time we veritably move past such things and achieve egalitarianism.